Bristol’s Local Tailor

Based in the basement living room of Bristols most charming hairdressers Bang Shanky. Placed behind a simple wooden desk, surrounded by bespoke Jackets, cabinets of silk pocket squares and exquisite ties, sat not too far from a Record player usually turning out a song you can’t help but sing along too, is Bristol’s local tailor David Minns. If there ever has been a living example of how far good manners, good cloth, a razor sharp wit and a certain savour faire that can only come with a wisdom gained through travels can get you, David is it.

Brown in Town, to quote directly from the man himself, ‘takes it’s inspiration from traditional British tailoring, but, as our name would suggest, we’re not adverse to breaking with tradition in order to achieve the perfect look for the individual. Whether that means wearing tweed on your wedding day, or brown-coloured brogues with a blue city suit, we cannot deny that some of us look good in such colours.’

If you ever find yourself needing a new suit of gentleman’s armour or if you just fancy treating yourself to a bit of the sort of courage normally found via the dutch method, drop him a line and go see for yourself exactly what it feels like to feel welcomed.